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What is a newborn photo service? The newborn photography, is a specialization in the world of photography, which was born and developed in the United States, and that slowly are also taking the field in Italy. The protagonist of this delicate and exciting photo session is the baby, in his first 5 – 12 days of life.

Although it may seem “easy” to photograph an infant, the photographer who decide to specialize in this area, must be qualified and trained in techniques that relate to the management of the child and its security: very important is to create and maintain a safe, warm space for the newborn, respecting all its primary and natural necessity. The newborn photographer will be at its maximum in this “art” if pushed by a strong love, passion and sensitivity! All these ingredients put together make it possible to create professional pictures, full of feeling, a special moment in the life of a parent but also for the newborn.

So why take this photo service so early in the life of a newborn? Because the little one has sleep more prolonged and continuous and her bone structure allows him to assume those “fetal” position that enhances the sweetness and delicacy of all newborns.

Where the photo service will take place? How long? The service takes place in the studio room, in a heated room, cleaned and disinfected. Before your arrival we clean and organize the work preparing all the different photo sets to be used. The session takes place respecting the child’s needs, and for this reason that can last 3 to 4 hours. The newborn photography involves the use of accessories and some basic tools for creating some images, such as beanbag (a very soft and specialized pillow), various baskets, wrap towels, caps and other accessories.

Why choose to do a newborn service? It’s a moment and an unique and unrepeatable opportunity to create beautiful images with strong emotional impact that will remain indelible forever. A gift for life of this unique and special stage, you will rediscover the magic of that period which has characterized your new life together!

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