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For our customers we had decided to offer only top class hand made in Italy products mostly by Graphistudio which offer for us the best packages in terms of innovation, elegance and build quality. For your final album package we are here to help you finding the perfect combination of material, color options and design in order to create the “Masterpiece” of your event day.

Wedding Book Album Graphistudio shapes your dreams thanks to a world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm of the Made in Italy. The extraordinary result of a 20 years journey of discovery is called Wedding Book. An exceptional product that enhances the photographic reportage by combining printing art with the prestigious editorial layout of the most celebrated projects. WEDDING BOOK HAS FLAT PAGES PERFECT TO BUILD A STORYTELLING AND CAN BE PRINT WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC, METAL OR FINE ART PAPER. PERFECT FOR 100 - 160 PHOTOS. EXPLORE THE PRODUCT Primo Book Album It is the new book concept that takes inspiration from simplicity as a form of true greatness. A book printed with digital technologies on different typologies of fine art papers. These features allow to catch emotions never felt before in a wedding book, thanks to hundreds of pictures telling the story of that day, letting you relive every moment. PRIMO BOOK HAS NOT FLAT PAGES AND THE PAPER IS THINNER THAN THE PAPER YOU CAN USE IN THE WEDDING BOOK PRODUCT. PERFECT FOR 200 - 400 PHOTOS. EXPLORE THE PRODUCT Young Book Album The elegant line, the purity of the colors, and the accolades from the younger generation make the Young Book an extremely versatile project; iconic and always chic. The freshness of its inner nature is perfectly reflected in the name of this new line: YOUNG. The idea developed from the need to create a more flexible product dedicated to the young and trend-conscious couples. Perfect for 80 - 100 photos. EXPLORE THE PRODUCT Traditional Book Album The traditional album with prints directly attached on the page. It could be customize in terms of pages and cover materials/colors. EXPLORE THE PRODUCT Fine Art Box Album The Image Box is the brand new programme of made-to-measure cases, with endless colors and materials combinations that ensures an unprecedented level of quality. Thanks to prints mounted on rigid substrates and to the DMA technology, the pictures held in the Image Box become actual art works (quantity ranges from 10 to 30 prints). The Image Box represents the natural completion to the Wedding Book™ or can become the core of alternative projects such as portraits, christenings, fine art, boudoir, portfolios... EXPLORE THE PRODUCT Packaging Packaging DESIGN BOX: Pure and simple lines give access to endless opportunities of customization. Composed of three different elements, each of them fully customizable with different materials and colours, this box is distinguished by a marked and modern style whose main feature is the internal insert, visible also when the box is closed. This is an element that shapes the design and harmonize each part the box itself. EXPLORE THE PRODUCT Usb & Prints Box Packaging EXPLORE THE PRODUCT