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Dear followers, today we had the privilege of showing to you some really great pictures of this emotional and intimate wedding celebrated in Villa Boccella not so far from the city of Lucca. Diana and Joseph was really great, as you can see in the pictures, and we’re enjoyed very much their fantastic day!

We want to thanks Francesca of Efffetti Wedding in Tuscany for al the support and the professionalism!

Hair make up by Mauro of Armilla Beauty.

We love all the pictures. Please enjoy!

DianaJoseph-0001(westchester)02_DianaJoseph03_DianaJoseph04_DianaJoseph05_DianaJoseph06_DianaJoseph07_DianaJoseph08_DianaJoseph09_DianaJoseph10_DianaJoseph11_DianaJoseph12_DianaJoseph13_DianaJoseph14_DianaJoseph15_Wedding Reportage in Villa Lucca16_DianaJoseph17_DianaJoseph18_DianaJoseph19_DianaJoseph20_DianaJoseph21_DianaJoseph22_Getting Married in Tuscany Lucca23_DianaJoseph24_DianaJoseph25_DianaJoseph26_DianaJoseph27_DianaJoseph28_DianaJoseph29_DianaJoseph30_Getting Married in Villa Lucca31_DianaJoseph32_DianaJoseph33_DianaJoseph34_DianaJoseph35_DianaJoseph36_DianaJoseph37_DianaJoseph38_DianaJoseph39_DianaJoseph40_Wedding in Lucca Villa Boccella


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