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Dear friends we’re really excited to show some picture of the photo shoot made with Andrew & Mattie’s family in Florence. Was a great day, lot of fun and it is alway a pleasure to work with a such kind of person.

Here’s a few of that day. Please enjoy!

TESTIMONIAL: “We received the photos today. They were and are AMAZING! We are blown away — they made us cry!! This was without a doubt the best decision we made in all the time we traveled through Europe. Thank you so much for your time and talent that day in Florence. It was so nice to have met you and talked with you two. Perhaps one day we can meet again.”


01_AndrewMattieFamily02_Family Photography in Florence03_AndrewMattieFamily04_AndrewMattieFamily05_AndrewMattieFamily06_AndrewMattieFamily07_AndrewMattieFamily08_AndrewMattieFamily09_AndrewMattieFamily10_AndrewMattieFamily11_AndrewMattieFamily12_Family Photo Shoot in Florence


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