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Dear friends, enjoy with us this beautiful couple coming from Russia to get marriage in Florence at Palazzo Vecchio. After the ceremony celebrated in the Sala Rossa we decided to go in the Florence historical centre to get some pictures.

As usual we want to thanks a lot LuxUnique Weddings & Events for all the support and professionalism.

He’re some of the day!

001-Getting Married in Florence002-Anastasia+Mikhail003-Anastasia+Mikhail004-Anastasia+Mikhail005-Anastasia+Mikhail006-Anastasia+Mikhail007-Anastasia+Mikhail008-Anastasia+Mikhail009-Anastasia+Mikhail010-Anastasia+Mikhail011-Wedding in Florence012-Anastasia+Mikhail013-Anastasia+Mikhail014-Anastasia+Mikhail015-Wedding in Palazzo Vecchio016-Anastasia+Mikhail017-Anastasia+Mikhail018-Anastasia+Mikhail019-Anastasia+Mikhail020-Anastasia+Mikhail021-Wedding reportage in Florence022-Getting Married in Florence in a Rainy day023-Anastasia+Mikhail024-Anastasia+Mikhail025-Anastasia+Mikhail



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