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Marta and Antonio came here in Tuscany from Spain to get married. We had a great time with them taking a lot of photos both in San Gimignano and in Certaldo Alto, where the ceremony took place. Luckily that day the weather was perfect and we had a lot of time to spend with them, so it was a hard job to make a selection of so many beautiful images!

We also want to thank them for being so kind to us since the very beginning and welcoming, taking their photos was a real pleasure for us.

Here’s the selection of our favorites.

01-Wedding-in-Certaldo02-Marta + Antonio03-Marta + Antonio04-Marta + Antonio06-Marta + Antonio08-Marta + Antonio09-Marta + Antonio10-Marta + Antonio11-Marta + Antonio12-Marta + Antonio13-Marta + Antonio14-Marta + Antonio15-Marta + Antonio16-Marta + Antonio17-Marta + Antonio18-Marta + Antonio19-Marta + Antonio20-Marta + Antonio21-Marta + Antonio22-Marta + Antonio23-Marta + Antonio24-Marta + Antonio25-Marta + Antonio26-Marta + Antonio27-Marta + Antonio28-Marta + Antonio29-Wedding reportage in Certaldo Alto30-Wedding reportage in Tuscany31-Wedding photojournalism in Certaldo32-Marta + Antonio33-Marta + Antonio34-Marta + Antonio35-Marta + Antonio36-Marta + Antonio


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