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Express all of your love with a fabulous wedding in Tuscany

What happens when two forces of nature decide to get married? The most unique wedding in Tuscany ever: that’s what happens!

Read the story, look at the photos and get inspiration for your own fabulous celebration…

Lisa and Frikki came from the cold, fascinating Iceland to the different but very charming Chianti hills in order to celebrate their love. She is a beautiful and fierce football player, he is a pop singer grown up in a family of musicians. They also have an adorable little girl: together, the trio is an explosion of energy and love! 

Their marvelous wedding in Tuscany, planned by Wedding in Italy by Regency, took place completely at Villa Nozzole – an historic, elegant venue nestled among the vineyards of Chianti. 

The touching ceremony was held under a typical Tuscan cypress, in a spot that overlooked a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. A string quartet, with the presence of the brilliant violinist Beatrice Bianchi, highlighted that meaningful moment. 

Around 100 guests were there to share the joy of this wedding in Tuscany: the party went on with a strong involvement of all of them and it couldn’t turn out any better.

Wedding reception in Tuscany, at Villa Nozzole

It all started with a cocktail at sunset, then it turned into a family-style dinner and lastly into a real, one-of-a-kind party. 

Every detail contributed in making it so unforgettable: the dreamy flower decorations by Andrea Bertini, the engaging music by Wedding Music & Lights, the delicious food by Cavalieri Ricevimenti, the overall planning by Nadia Nanni and Regency… and of course the strong bond between Lisa and Frikki! 

The flower swing was the perfect frame for pictures that look like they came out of a fairytale.
The speeches by friends and family during the dinner made the atmosphere particularly emotional.
The musical show by Frikki and his friends gave the right power and mood to the party.
The champagne waterfall and the fireworks created the perfect big finish.

Anyone who’s dreaming of a wedding in Tuscany should take Lisa and Frikki’s big day as an inspiration. It was more than spectacular, and we were honored to have the chance to capture it through our photos!

Are you looking for inspiration for your unique and sumptuous wedding in Tuscany? Then you should stop, read this story, see these photos and fall in love…



Denis Macías

Buongiorno, per il 24 di Agosto 2019 siete disponibili per un matrimonio a Borgo Val di taro (PR)? GRAZIE Potresti darmi Informazioni, grazie Mille!!!

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