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Graphic Retouching

Graphic Retouching is a new service we offer in response to many customer requests. It is dedicated to the clients who wish a very specialized, advanced and extraordinary editing on their images. The following is a summary describing the main differences between our Standard Retouching, which is included in all our offers and the special Graphic Retouching.

STANDARD RETOUCHING (free of charge and included in all our service offers)

Standard Retouching includes:

  1. Creative White Balance
  2. Exposure Optimisation
  3. Contrast Optimisation
  4. Crop (if necessary)

We believe these elements are essential to ensure a professional level of service and that’s why this is not charged.

Below some before/after images showing the main differences between the original shot raw file and the relative Standard Retouched one.


The Graphic Retouching Service ensures an advanced and extraordinary level to your images. It is a decisive step forward in terms of quality of the service that the Studio wants to deliver to the customers.

Graphic Retouching is included:

  1. Every aspect of Standard Retouching (as shown above)
  2. Light Optimisation in order to focus attention on the main elements of the image
  3. Eyes Enhance
  4. Teeth Whitening for naturally brighter smiles
  5. Skin Enhance. Removal of blemishes and others minor imperfections of the skin for a really cool look
  6. Vignetting to concentrate the light on subjects
  7. Creative sharphening without overdoing to enhance details

The following before/after images show the differences between Camera file, Standard Retouching and Graphic Retouching.